Paypal Casino

A payment method with a history

There is an interesting history that goes with the payment method or banking tool Paypal. It is not only one of the largest and most often used banking tools in the world; it is also one of the most expensive. When eBay bought this payment method, they paid over $1 billion, just to secure that they could integrate Paypal into their auctioning website. Ever since, the use and quality of Paypal has increased. Nowadays, millions of people use Paypal for their online financial transactions. It has become a major player on the online market and that’s not without a reason.

It’s because this banking tool offers flexibility combined with a very reliable and trustworthy service. Not only is the payment method easy in use, it is also very comprehensible, be it for those that need to integrate this tool into a website and for those that need it to transfer money from the eWallet to the real money account at an website, but the payment method is also very good looking and integrated within thousands of other websites. This makes it an unique banking tool for everyone that needs a way to pay online.

How does it work?

No one asks these types of questions about a normal wallet. While that is all Paypal is. Only online. There is a definition that correctly describes what Paypal is and how it works; it is called an eWallet. An electronic wallet which can be used for online transactions. This could be any type of transaction; whether you need to pay for fresh flowers or a CD or when you need to transfer money to one of your friends or the one you bought a CD or something else off. It works just like a cash transaction.

All you need to do, is  the following: go to the website of Paypal and register for an account. You now owe an account that is directly connected to your e-mailadresss. If one wants to transfer digital money to you, all he or she needs to know, is your address and some basic information about your name. After you’ve opened up an account, you are ready for action. You need to fill the eWallet with cash, just like you fill a normal wallet with cash. Do this via a bank transfer, via credit card or via one of the dozen other payment methods. You are now ready to use Paypal for any of your preferred actions which can also include playing live roulette or another casino game.

The advantages of Paypal as a paying method in an online casino

There are a great deal of advantages to using a Paypal casino. The most important advantage is that, once you have filled your eWallet with money, you are ready for action. The only thing left to do in that case is to find an online casino that support this payment method. There is the big advantage of Paypal; not many casino’s do support the banking tool, but the ones that support it are among the best in world of online casino’s

That is because Paypal is very careful when it comes to allowing third parties access to their service. Paypal has a spotless reputation that it wants to keep. It would not help in any way to get bad media coverage because one of the suppliers or merchants that has access to their service, makes a fool out of itself or participates in fraudulent activities. Paypal has a strict list of requirements and demands and it is not before a  third party completely meets this requirement that they get access to the service. The service remains therefore of high quality.

Payments with Paypal; withdrawals to your bank account

One of the most important aspects of Paypal is that you are able to transfer money to your bank account. This works in the hypothetical example we now discuss, as follows: first, you transfer money to your online account at Paypal, via for example a credit card or a bank transfer. Within the period that comes with the payment method of your choice, your money is credited in the eWallet and available for purchases and transfers to a real money account at an online casino.  Use the money and transfer it to your casino account.

Once you’ve transferred it to the casino, you are able to win those big prizes you are looking for. Make sure you get never short of money and take away the big jackpot that is usually available at every casino. The profits you made can be credited to your Paypal account via the cashier function of your casino. Once credited to the Paypal account, you are able to use this money in anyway you like. You could buy services on eBay or collect the money via a transfer to your normal bank account. Have a look at the Paypal website for a complete description on how to do this.

This website and the contents of this website

So, if it is that easy to transfer money from your eWallet to an online account at a casino, then why should you be reading this website and why should you take all this information seriously? Because we offer inside information on Paypal, on how it works and more important; how you can use it in the multiple Paypal casino’s we have selected. We consider it important that you know at least a bit what you’re doing and that you have access to the best and most properly working software, we made a list of requirements for the online casino’s we’ve selected.

A casino on this website needs, of course, to have Paypal in its assortment. Next, due to the relatively high risk of internet fraud, the casino’s must make use of the best online encrypted connections, where there is a little chance of theft of personal details or even identity theft. An online casino also needs the best and most up to date software, because otherwise one might miss out on all the new games. The different casino’s that meet these requirement, are on this website.

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