888 Casino

Information about the 888 Casino

888 is one of the largest online brands. Not only is the casino very popular among new casino players, the online sports betting section is very popular as well. This means that playing in the online casino of 888 could also bring you to the sports betting section of this great supplier of online gaming. Therefore,  it is good to know that most of the games in this Paypal Casino meet strict requirements concerning safety and pay-out rates.

That is also because the corporation behind the 888 Casino has a listing on the London Stock Exchange. This listing implies that the casino and in the casino needs to be taken care of very well, otherwise the casino would be punished with bad publicity and a lower value of the stock. Needless to say, that is not in the benefit of this Paypal Casino and therefore they try to do their utmost in this field and also try to get the best out of the online gaming as offered to customers worldwide. You can be sure that the 888 Casino operates safe and sound and that the software meets all requirements posed.

Why Paypal is included in the different payment methods of the 888 Casino

Paypal is a payment method that serves as an intermediary between on the one hand the merchant and on the other hand the bank account of the player. Not only does it work as an intermediary, it does also work as an eWallet, a place where you put your money after a transaction. The money is immediately available and can be spend nearly everywhere. Many merchants and consumers make use of Paypal for their online transfers and that’s why the banking tool is also popular among online casino’s.

However, this payment methods demands the highest quality from the casino’s that use  the application. It has taken an while before Paypal allowed casino’s to use their application, mainly for reasons that had to do with the reputation of the company. They were afraid that bad publicity generated by an online casino would lead to a loss of value and hence customers. That’s why they only select the best and most reliable casino’s. The 888 Casino is such a casino and offers great games to their players. Needless to say, the 888 Casino also allows for days of fun.

Games and software of the 888 Casino

Of course, the best casino games are available at the 888 Casino. You can find nearly all casino games at this great place to play. And more important; 888 Casino makes use of what is called proprietary software. This is software that has been developed by the company itself. So, there is little chance of you finding the games you always find in online casino’s, because all the games have been developed and given a theme by the software department of this Paypal Casino. Furthermore, there are two ways to obtain access to these games.

The first way is to go to the website of 888 Casino and to download the software to your computer. Then you should install the software on your hard disk and you’re ready to play. Another way is to go to the website of this Paypal Casino and get access to the instant play Flash Casino. This casino is immediately accessible and only requires the installation of the program Adobe Flash. This program is usually available on most computers, so there are no reason why you could no start playing immediately after you’ve registered an account.

Bonuses in, details about and relevant info on the 888 Casino

There is some relevant information about the 888 Casino that does not completely match with the information about bonuses but that nevertheless has something to do with the provision of these promotional bonuses. This may appear a bit vague, but once we tell you that a bonus for the online casino of this Paypal Casino does not prevent you from a bonus that is awarded in the section with online sports betting or poker, you know that the integrated account still allows for separate bonuses in the casino. A superb fact, indeed.

The bonus arrangements as they are made by the 888 Casino depend on the currency you use. In Euro’s, there is a bonus package with a total amount of €900 available, divided over multiple deposits and over multiple promotional action. The package in dollars would account to $1400, of which a first deposit counts to a maximum of $200 (based on doubling the deposit with a 100% match-up). Furthermore, there are so-called happy hours, which should attract even more people to this online Paypal Casino that is unequaled by other casino’s.