Betfair Casino

Information about the Betfair Casino

Did you know that Betfair Casino won the prize for most innovative corporation in the United Kingdom? And did you know that the Betfair corporation allows for great games: poker, sports betting and of course casino games? And that the company is active from Australia to South-Africa and Europe? Well, that’s not all. The Betfair experience mainly shows in the sports betting section, where the public itself can become the bookmaker and define the odd against which the bets are placed.

This formula has become such a huge success that thousands of players flocked to the online sports betting section of Paypal. Within  a few years, Betfair became one of the market leaders in the field of online sports betting. Not only a great amount of prizes were won for this innovation; a gigantic database with players from all over the world became available as well. Due to this availability, the Betfair corporation decided to open up a casino as well. This casino has some very interesting features, which we will discuss in the paragraphs below.

Why Paypal is included in the different payment methods of the Betfair Casino

But first we focus on the availability of Paypal in this casino and at the Betfair corporation as a whole. Because Paypal requires a great deal of security measures from the companies and casino’s that make use of their services, it is always very interesting to see why an online casino has performed the most difficult of operations just to get this banking tool aboard. Of course, once available, Paypal is one of the greatest and most easy in use online casino’s banking tools.

The reason why the Betfair Casino has become a Paypal Casino is fairly easy to comprehend. The casino has a very good reputation, which can be directly traced back to their innovative counterpart, the Betfair Sportsbook. Both parties allow for great entertainment, offered via the internet and in good fashion. That’s why players love this casino and that’s also why many players keep on returning to this casino (which is always a problem for online casino’s.) All these element combined make the Betfair Casino an interesting partner for online games and for financial transactions from an to real money accounts.

Games and software of the Betfair Casino

Before we go into more detail about the games available at the Betfair Casino, we would first love to draw some attention to a very interesting fact and promotional element of the Betfair Casino. You might be surprised, but the thing we know announce is common ground at the Paypal Casino of Betfair. There are games available with a zero house-win This implies that there is no way by which the casino wins money if you play for example Blackjack or Roulette. In Roulette, this simply means that the zero is not available for a bet and that all money returns to the players.

This means that Betfair in the long run offers games that should at least equal the money you wagered. The four games on offer by Betfair that allow for these zero house-win features are blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and jacks or better. Software used by the casino comes from Chartwell, a supplier of casino software that has specialized in the very of best of online gaming. Especially their video slots and the already discussed zero house-win games are among the high quality games on offer.

Bonuses in, details about and relevant info on the Betfair Casino

First, we would like to draw the attention to the fact that you only need one account to be able to play all different kind of games, from sports betting to poker and zero house-win games. Next, you can of course use Paypal or any other banking tool for your financial transactions from and to your real money account. This means that Betfair has become a traditional Paypal Casino that allows for hours of fun on end. To add up to this fun, the casino offers a great bonus as well. Be aware that this is not the same bonus as available at the sports betting sections (this bonus remains available as well).

Betfair distinguishes between bonuses available in the Instant Play Casino and bonuses available in the download casino. The bonuses we discuss on this section of the website, do all refer to the bonuses granted in the download casino. The bonus for the first deposit is huge; you could welcome a bonus with a maximum of €250 on your first money transfer to the casino. The bonus and the initial deposit need to be wagered at least 20 times. More information on this subject is available at the website of this Paypal Casino.