Disclaimer Paypal Casino

Every website that contains information on certain topics, needs a disclaimer. A disclaimer helps to prevent legal issues and wrongly attributed liability. That’s why we got our self a disclaimer as well. In the next 350 words, we make clear what our topics of concern are and how we deal with issues that come along with these topics of concern. Furthermore, we pose a couple of statements, which can be seen as the conditions under which we offer the information and advice on this website. This is not so much about answering question, but more about making clear what we can and will not do.

Let’s start with a definition of what we do: Paypal Casino offers information on the payment method Paypal and on the different casino’s that use this payment method in their cashier.

This implies that our main function is to correctly represent the information about this banking tool and payment method and on the casino’s that use this for their customers. That’s exactly what we aim for and what we are willingly doing by providing very much information on the separate pages of this website. However, it also means that there are a couple of things that do not fall within the activities we have deployed.

We do not:

  • Offer casino games to the visitors of this website.
  • Offer a service of payment method.
  • Offer any other third party service or the like.
  • Offer to let you participate in lotteries, games of chance or any of the like.

Based on what we do not offer, we can also state what we can and will not take the responsibility of. There is a list of subjects that do matter to us, but that can not be covered.

This is where we can not be held responsible or accountable for:

  • Mistakes or incorrect information. At the time of writing, the information on this website was correct or at least correct to a certain amount. Any information that is on this website and does not match the information at an online casino, is considered to be incorrect. We do want to change the information, be can never be held responsible.
  • Your losses at the casino: we do not offer the casino games, the casino’s do. If there is anything that you want to discuss; please contact the online casino. They are usually very willing to help.