Europa Casino

Information about the Europa Casino

The Euro has been in danger in the recent years. The Greek budgetary standards do not quite match the Northern European standards, endangering the European Union and the monetary union that comes with it. However, the crisis seems resolved and this once again shows the great power of ‘Europe’. Europa or Europe might be a very abstract layer of governance to all those citizens within its boundaries, it remains of tremendous importance to our everyday life. We only do not see this; it is way to abstract.

What we however can see and notice, is the Europa Casino. This online casino, which has included Paypal as a payment method for those that are in need for an easy and quick way to transfer money, has been active for many years now. They offer great quality games, interesting promotions and a very nice range of different payment solutions. Next, they allow for hours of fun, be it in the real money or fun mode. There are many reasons for which one could start to play at the Europa Casino and that’s why we’ve dedicated this page to the casino.

Why Paypal is included in the different payment methods of the Europa Casino

Paypal is, as we already mentioned, one of the most picky payment methods and banking tools. They require the latest technology in the field of online security and never satisfied when an online casino does little to protect their customers. Next, they do also not allow for casino’s with a bad reputation, because otherwise the reputation Paypal has build so carefully does get in danger or at least in trouble. That’s why the Europa Casino has been allowed to use Paypal for their online service. The casino is among the few casino’s that never got any bad publicity.

There are multiple reasons for this, but above all it remains a fact that the Europa Casino is to a very large extent independent and thereby offers service of great value. One will not easily be the victim of identity theft or fraud and neither does the Europa Casino allow people with a shady background access to the casino. Combined with the target group of the Europa Casino (Europe as a whole) Paypal does not see reasons to forbid this casino using their payment method. Overall, that’s why it is easy to  use this banking tool to play your favorite casino games online.

Games and software of the Europa Casino

Some casino’s prefer to develop their own software. The Europa Casino did decide to buy casino software from one of the great suppliers on the market. Therefore, they might offer games that look familiar to you; the software is supplied by Playtech, one of the very few software developers that solely focus on casino games and online gaming. Just because this Paypal Casino makes use of this software, they have the opportunity to offer great games and to offer combined, progressive jackpots. A great advantage to other online casino’s.

So, if you are looking for nice games, the Paypal Europa Casino is really the place to be. You only need a properly functioning internet connection, access to one of the many payment methods available on the market and you could start to play right away Among the games available are of course Blackjack and Roulette, but also some Asian games. Sic Bo, Pachinko and Mah Jong are the games that have been influenced by ancient oriental times. You need to download the software before you can play in the Europa Casino.

Bonuses in, details about and relevant info on the Europa Casino

We nearly discussed all relevant details about the software and games offered by the Europa Casino. One topic however remains and that the is the way in which bonuses could add to the fun that the online Paypal Casino has to offer. Well, bonuses are available and they offer a great deal of interesting extra’s to everyone looking for a nice place to play casino games. The Europa Casino offers bonuses that are unmatched by any other casino; you could obtain €2400 worth of bonuses in just one year.

The construction by which these bonuses are awarded, is fairly easy. First, you get a 100% bonus on every first deposit of the month. This bonus could have a maximum value of €100, implying that you need 12 months to collect a  bonus worth €1200. Next, a bonus of €25 is granted for every weekly deposit that you make. This deposit needs to have at least the value of the bonus, so if you have a spare €200, this could add up to a bonus of €200 every month one plays at the online Europa Casino.