Online PayPal Casino Bonus

Bonuses and promotions in the 888 Casino

We already mentioned that the 888 Casino is a Paypal Casino of high quality and that the casino is available in many different countries. We would like to add to this that the casino also offers great bonuses for everyone that downloads the casino. This is an important distinction, because the casino and the way it is played by you, for a great deal determines the height of the bonuses. But, once you have decided to download the casino and to not play in the browser of your internet explorer, then you qualify for a bonus that is unmet in the history of online gaming. There is a package available that depends on the currency you use and which runs from €900 to $1400.

Even better: the bonus is available for all those that transfer money to the website of the 888 Casino. And not only for those that transfer money to the casino, also for those who already have been awarded a bonus for the online sports betting section of the poker section. This means that at this Paypal Casino you get the chance to fully benefit from all different casino’s bonuses that have been made available to online customers of the 888 Casino. That is something to keep in mind before you decide to play at this great and very nice online casino.

Bonuses and promotions in the Ladbrokes Casino

The Ladbrokes Casino offers a bonus that is fairly easy to comprehend. But before we discuss the height of the bonus and the arrangements this Paypal Casino made, we first focus on the integrated account that has been made available by the Ladbrokes Casino. This integrated account opens up the way for great fun. You can play the different sports betting games and the different other games of Ladbrokes (like poker and bingo) and still remain able to use one account. And still be eligible to multiple bonuses.

It does not matter to the Ladbrokes Paypal Casino that you already received a bonus for online sports betting when you, let’s say, want to make a transfer of your central Ladbrokes wallet to the online casino. You qualify for multiple bonuses, which all have a different ways of making them in the long run available for a withdrawal. Ladbrokes Casino offers a bonus of 100 credits for all those who transfer money from their central wallet to the casino.  All you need to be sure of, is that there is enough money available in the online wallet.

Bonuses and promotions in the Betfair Casino

Betfair is among the most innovative Paypal Casino’s on our website. The services and games they have on offer, are of the highest quality and promise to meet the standards we are all looking for. But did you know that Betfair offers an account which could be used for both online casino games and online sports betting? And did you know that this fact does not influence the bonus arrangements you still remain eligible to? Well, even if you already received a bonus at the Betfair Casino, you still are eligible to the bonus of the sports betting.


Even better is the height of the bonus as it granted in this Paypal Casino. There is match-up bonus available with a total value of €250, depending on the amount you deposited in the real money account of the casino. Next, it is very good to know that Betfair, as one of the few casino’s that offer bonuses, is very clear about the wagering requirements that have to be met before the bonus can be withdrawn from your real money account. All games are presented in a comprehensible table, with a clear percentage of how much they count towards the wagering requirements. Service at its best!

Bonuses and promotions in the Europa Casino

At our special page about the Europa Casino, we already paid attention to the fact that the Europa Casino is one the best online casino’s of the market, that the Paypal Casino makes use of the best and most reliable software and that there are bonus arrangements available that are unmet by any other kind of online casino on the market. If you are ready for action, the Europa Casino is as well and that’s why you should take into account the bonuses made available. A striking €2400 is available for all those who play during one year at the Europa Casino.

So, how does the bonus structure look like? Well, the bonus structure of the Europa Casino is easy to comprehend. Every month in action you qualify for a bonus of 100% on your monthly deposit, with a maximum value of €100. This bonus is available every month, so this would add up to €1200 on a yearly basis. Furthermore, weekly bonuses are available. The weekly bonus consists of €25, every week. You only need to make a deposit of the same value in this Paypal Casino. €25 times 4 makes €100 a month. That’s why the Europa Casino offers great bonuses to everyone interested in their games.

Bonuses and promotion in the Party Casino

There is always time to Party, especially in the Party Casino of the Party Corporation. This great casino, that has developed their own software and made this immediately available to the public, offers great promotions. First of all, it is essential to know that the bonuses as they have been made available by Party Casino are excellent. Second, it is important that the bonuses, once they have been awarded, do not replace the bonuses you are eligible to at Party Poker or Party Bets. Double the fun once you have an account at this Paypal Casino.

So, how does the bonus for the casino look like? Well, there is a 100% match-up bonus for everyone that makes a first deposit. This means that, once you have made a deposit of €200, your amount will be doubled by the casino. The maximum amount of this bonus is €200, so once you deposit an amount like this in this Paypal Casino, you get €400 to play with. The second, third and fourth bonus all are worth a maximum of €100, once again in the form of a 100% match-up bonus. This way, you are eligible to €500 worth of bonuses for the deposits you make.