PayPal Casino FAQ

Question: is it safe to play at an online Paypal Casino?

Answer: yes. Usually it is very safe to play at an online Paypal Casino. There are multiple reasons for this, but the most important reason is that the safety of players can be assured by the fact that the employees of Paypal usually check very well whether the provider of their service or the merchant that uses their service, meets certain requirement concerning safety, secured connections and all that comes with the service. So yes, it is usually very safe to play at this kind of casino.

Question: how often can I use Paypal?

Answer: as much as you want. There is no limit to the number of times you want to use Paypal in the casino or at any other merchant or online provider of goods and service. The only thing that you have to be aware about is that the balance of your Paypal account should always be positive. It is not possible to transfer money from your Paypal account to your real money account, without any positive balance on the Paypal account. So make sure that you always have enough cash available to transfer to the website or real money account.

Question: why does an online casino offer Paypal as a payment method?

Answer: because it is very convenient and widely accepted. Not only is Paypal one of the best known payment methods, it is also one of the most properly functioning banking tools that is available on the online market. There is a fairly simple reason for this well functioning of Paypal: the software and application are written in a way that you only need to know an username and a password and that nothing else is needed before you start to play. Therefore, it means that you do not need difficult procedures before you are able to play at an online casino.

Question: how can I be sure about the trustworthiness of an online casino?

Answer: well, you can never be fully sure. There are however a number of ways to find out whether the online casino you are heading for, is reliable and whether the services offered meet certain quality standards. The first way is to have a look on the website of the online casino for information on different types of licenses and information of authorities. The second way is to look for branch specific info, like an eCogra certificate.

Question: how do I withdraw the money from my online casino account to my Paypal account?

Answer: first of all, you should go to the cashier function of the online casino you’re playing at. After you navigated to the menu that says withdraw money, you select Paypal as the method of withdrawal. The money in your real money account at the casino will then be transferred to the account of Paypal. Once it has arrived at the Paypal account (this usually takes no more than a couple of minutes) you can use it for other online activities and for purchasing goods and services You could also redirect it to your bank account.

Question: it is always necessary to register at Paypal?

Answer: yes, it is always necessary to register. Some payment methods allows for easy and quick transfers of money and thereby offer a fairly easy payment method without a registration procedure. Because Paypal is a eWallet, that serves as online wallet funded with digital cash, you need to register first and then you are able to transfer money to this eWallet. Once this money has arrived and your eWallet is filled with cash, you are able to transfer money from A to B and to buy goods or services and fund your online real money account at the casino.

Question: why is there a limited number of casino’s that offer Paypal?

Answer: Paypal is very picky when it comes to online casino’s. There are several reasons for this peskiness, but most of it comes from the fear that their excellent reputation will suffer from the availability of the payment method at shady casino’s with a reputation not as good as the reputation of Paypal. That’s why there are strict regulations for those casino’s that want to offer the services of Paypal and for those places where the banking tools is available.

Question: is Paypal available in my country?

Answer: in some cases, Paypal is not available for use in online casino’s. This really depends on the jurisdiction or the legal area in which you reside. It is not possible to make general remarks about the availability of Paypal in the country of your residence and most important; in the online casino’s of your choice. Check always whether the promised availability reflects in the actual availability of the payment method.