Why Paypal Casino

Reason number 1: Paypal offers great convenience in online banking

An eWallet such as Paypal offers for many of us a great way to transfer money from one place to another. That’s not only because Paypal is an eWallet but also because this eWallet is very easy to use and can be opened up within a seconds. The registration process as it designed at the website of this banking tool allows for a quick sign-up, arranged within just minutes, while the different payment options that make you fill the eWallet with cash are just as easy in use. Once there is cash in the eWallet, the process becomes even more convenient.

You can now visit the online casino of your choice, register your account and go to the cashier for a deposit to your real money account. In most cases, such as  a online transfer with a credit card, you need to register the payment method. This means that you need to share details about your credit card with the casino. This is not the case with Paypal; just enter you username (usually an e-mailadres) and the password and the application connects the casino with Paypal. You can now use the eWallet to transfer money.

Reason number 2: Paypal does not share personal details with the online casino’s

We touched upon the subject in the previous paragraph, but we find it of that much importance that we now dedicate a whole paragraph to the subject. Paypal does not share any details with the online casino’s you’re playing at. This is very important, especially for those who have already been victim of identity theft or online fraud. In most cases, casino’s are well equipped and properly protected against attacks of hackers. It however happens that this protections lacks for a while and that the online casino accidentally has intruders in their database.

There is not much these intruders can do with your address or billing information, but once you have registered a credit card or any other form of online banking, problems are on their way. ‘Burglars’ steal this information and use it for their own purchases or sell it to Russian, Nigerian or another random country criminals. Then they use the information for cash withdrawals or another form of fraud and theft. This won’t happen when you use Paypal; the information that is needed to establish a connection, is deleted immediately afterward No personal details remain at the online casino.

Reason number 3: Paypal checks all the websites that integrate the application into detail

Paypal is one of the online companies that have an excellent reputation. We can be sure that Paypal wants to keep this excellent reputation and that it wants to remain on top of the so-called pyramid of online companies. On the other hand, there are a great deal of different online casino’s that have, to put it mildly, a slightly obscure reputation. These companies deal with the wrong persons, are suspect to investigations concerning money laundering or do stuff that sometimes can be considered illegal.

Of course, Paypal does not want to be associated with these kind of online casino’s. In order to prevent this association, they check every application made by an online casino thoroughly. Focus is mainly on keeping the level of quality high enough and also on the protection of personal details and the reputation the casino has build for itself. Also, the payout rates of the casino play an important role. If there is something that does not seem right or correct, the application commission of Paypal rejects the casino. This way, online casinos with a spotless reputation become a customer of this company.

Reason number 4: Paypal can be used right away for online purchases of other services and goods

We already mentioned it in our short introduction on the homepage of this website. Paypal is integrated in many other websites, with among them eBay. Actually, the eBay company bought Paypal just to be sure that their services would be integrated into the auctioning website of this corporation. That already is a good indication of the services offered by Paypal and it gets even better. Did you know that tens of thousands different merchants offer this payment method as a way to check-out in their web shops?

Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Well, it actually is. Once you credited your eWallet, played in the online casino and won a nice prize, then you’re able to transfer the money back into your eWallet. You could then visit websites like Amazon or eBay and buy the books you have always wanted, or the DVD’s you’ve been looking for the last few months. It all becomes possible the moment you prefer Paypal above other payment methods. That’s what we do; it might work out for you as well!